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Get the maximum out of your home...Tips that might help you sell.

Here are some tips to look for when a buyer is looking at your home for sale.

Florida home sellers... when selling your home there is one room that usually stands out as being the most important room in the house to buyers...the kitchen. It is important to maximize the qualities of your kitchen to maximize the amount of money you'll receive when selling your home.

One easy way to sell your Real Estate with little or no expense is to remove kitchen clutter!

This is just one of a few examples of what a Buyer is looking for when they are about to choose a home to purchase in Florida.

Begin by removing everything from the counter. Yes everything. Even the toaster. Find a place to store it all. Don't have enough space? Remove and store in boxes any unused pots or pans like that slow cooker or huge soup pot that take up too much "eye space". For staging purposes.....It's ok to leave a few knick knacks but make sure they blend in. When prospective buyers look at your home they want to see as much storage space as possible. Filled up cabinets will make them seem smaller and less plentiful for storage.

If you have a junk drawer...empty it. Get rid of the junk or store it. Do you have a lot of canned foods? If it's them or give them away to charity.

Selling your home in Florida today? It's all about making your home outshine the others on the market.

There is no better place to start than in the most important room in a home for sale, the kitchen. I have many more ideas.

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